A Cloud-Enabled World

With the rise of cloud-backed applications, we increasingly trade control over our data in order to get access to new features and applications. This puts our data at the mercy of corporations, surveillance agencies and hackers.

Sensitive Data

The data collected by applications such as Health and Fitness tracking applications might not look sensitive, however statistical inference can be used to discover highly private information.

Encrypted Cloud

By encrypting the data before sending it to the cloud we regain privacy. Special cryptographic schemes allow the cloud to compute over the data without learning the data itself.

Power over my data

With Talos, the user regains control over their data, such that no unauthorized entities can see the plaintext data. The user can decide with whom to share their data.

Embedded Devices

While many consumer devices use a smartphone as a gateway there are many embedded devices that do not require gateways. Especially in an industrial setting, many IoT devices can directly connect to the network (i.e. embedded devices with IP capabilities).

Demo Application